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Southern Draw Cigars announces a NEW release and BIG changes.

Southern Draw Cigars LLC, a family-owned company of Austin, TX emerges from its own “COVID fog” and is excited to announce that we are changing the way we support the great premium cigar communities that have helped us learn and grow as a brand. We believe the best way to connect and share our mission is face to face, over a cigar, and only then can we enlist the power of social media to chronicle and capture the true personal connections.

Jacobs Ladder – The Ascension

Not ironically and perfectly positioned, on September 23, 2021, Southern Draw Cigars will release the newest Jacobs Ladder, a Belicoso Fino which is 5.5x52, a size that we customarily offer with a box press and open foot format, a blend that takes us back to a 2013 version of this brand. Produced in September 2016 at AJ Fernandez Cigar Co., the celebratory release has been well aged and honors the 21 st birthday of its namesake, Ethan Jacob Holt. Southern Draw Cigars is proud to announce that Famous Smoke Shop, Easton, PA will honor us by hosting the premiere release beginning at 5pm on September 23, 2021, with whiskey tastings and appetizers to celebrate the newest iteration of the Jacobs Ladder line. “We were wondering what Robert and Sharon had up their sleeves when we saw them next…turns out it’s this deep, rich, box pressed Belicoso. Been looking forward to having a cigar together with the Holts for quite a while – this one sure is worth the wait,” said longtime Famous buyer Humberto Gonzalez. “And we’re as excited as Robert is, to share this Jacob’s Ladder with everyone at Famous.”

Ethan Jacob originally coined the term “#boldbutapproachable” when asked by a customer to describe the Jacobs Ladder’s dark maduro wrapper and rather full-bodied and full-flavor profile and this version certainly stays true to the moniker. The Ascension is intended to be smoked patiently, allowing the tobaccos to warm gradually, intended transitions in body and flavor, enjoyed as one would a pint of Guiness or their favorite stout beer.

Blend Info:

Wrapper: San Andres, Maduro Mexico

Binder: Habano 2000, Nicaragua

Filler: 75% Nicaragua, 25% Nicaragua

Ligero: Nicaragua

2021 premiere release 10,000 (Famous Smoke Shop), 2022 release 100,000 cigars (general availability)

10 count mazos, paper wrapped bundles with our customary vista, this one depicting “The Ascension”, the dream of biblical patriarch Jacob in the Book of Genesis, our artistic interpretation identifies Jacob with the obligations and inheritance of the people chosen by God, the origin of the name that was given to Ethan Jacob Holt at birth.

MSRP: $117.99 mazo, $11.79 per cigar will offer these to online customers on September 23, 2021.

Inside Sales (Austin, TX)

Southern Draw is elated to announce that Ethan “Jacob” Holt will combine his IT/Security/Mobile Device expertise with a new role of Manager, Inside Sales & Retail Partner Engagement which is based in Austin TX to help us grow and improve on what it is that we already do so well. Ethan Jacob, son of Robert & Sharon Holt and the true inspiration of the wildly popular Jacobs Ladder blend, has been quietly supporting the company since its inception including recent detection of and protection against financial fraud that exceeded $150,000, and after six lucrative years, submitted his resignation at a major consumer electronics retailer to contribute full-time attention and skills to the family business. “Working side by side with my son is a dream come true! I am very much looking forward to his invaluable contribution as we continue to grow and strengthen the SDC family brand,” beamed the Boss Lady, Sharon Holt. “Ethan has already offered a plan to add other great people to his team, will help us deepen our own connection to retailers and partners through training, events, and by serving as the initial contact for new retail inquires specifically in territories that do not have the support of a representative or broker. He will continue providing his technical and threat detection services to the company in his new role. October 1, 2021 is his target start date,” added Robert Holt.

SWAG Store coming!

Effective October 1 st , 2021, Southern Draw Cigars will have entered a limited license agreement with Ace Graphix & Promotional Products.

Stuff We All Get – SWAG. Under the licensing agreement Ace Graphix will responsibly source, design and produce Southern Draw Cigars branded products. This will allow the company to secure and distribute the highly sought after and often requested, apparel, drinkware, signage, and custom order SWAG for our own events, trade shows, conventions, and promotions, in addition to providing wholesale SWAG pricing to our valued retail partners and retail pricing direct to consumer for those that are unable to attend our events, via an online SWAG store. We will also offer custom SWAG design and production for our valued retail partners. Ace Graphix & Promotional Products is owned and operated by Kyle Krall, a long-time Member of Southern Draw Cigars, US Border Patrol (retired) who also has been providing similar promotional products to the Southern California community for the last 14 years. The plan is to launch the SWAG store by January 1, 2022; however, Ace Graphix will begin producing SDC branded

products upon the effective date of the agreement.

SOUTHERN DRAW CIGARS – reaching outside the family

Southern Draw Cigars, LLC announces that for the first time ever, it will explore options outside of its small group of family and friends to finance its strong growth. 2021 has brought us 100% growth YTD and with Members comfortable with their current investments, it remains necessary to increase Member Value through growth. During the next several months, SDC seeks to consider viable proposals and will select debt terms to maximize the production of its premium cigar brands and increase its sales and distribution on a global scale. As part of our ongoing discussions with prospective lenders, and strategic partners, we will explore the total debt facility amount to possibly include financing for acquisition of smaller brands that offer huge upside potential, diversifying our product offering and increase sales. Many smaller brands have similar needs and have been unable to navigate FDA compliance and COVID related challenges with a going forward strategy. Weight will be given to proposals that offer strategic investments and partnerships that will be mutually beneficial.

Any funding that involves Equity, or Membership Interest in the LLC will follow SEC Securities

Registration guidelines and offer Securities Exempt from SEC Registration. All inquiries and interests must be submitted to

Strategic Partners and Global Distribution

Southern Draw Cigars, LLC further announces that it is actively seeking to increase brand representation and support within specified US territories and global markets.

The company seeks to fill voids in the US territories and states that include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont, and the Dakotas. There is some flexibility to restructure existing territories to better serve the market. As distribution of our brands in US military facilities, Europe, Australia and Middle East markets grow through current relationships, the company looks towards the markets of Asia and South America to expand the global availability of its brands.

We are soliciting feedback from our valued retail partners on active brokers that best support them within the specified territories or directly from brokers and independent representatives that have the experience, interest, retail relationships and energy to represent Southern Draw Cigars.

The company looks to expand its distribution to new brick and mortar locations and to specialized retailers in the US and abroad that may not have previously had the opportunity to add the growing brand due to limitations of product availability, our own limited representation, licenses and/or permits that govern both sales and distribution of our related products. The COVID pandemic has modified the strategy of the industry and consumer buying habits in several ways, the company looks to adjust its strategy to better serve the marketplace. All inquiries, proposals and CV’s must be submitted to

Soli deo Gloria.


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