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  • How much does it cost?
    The current monthly subscription for the Rating Club is $29.99 including S&H for domestic (United States) orders. We now offer international shipping for $12.99 anywhere outside of the United States. The Ash Quarterly Magazine Annual Subscription rate is $19.99 per 4 consecutive issues. Make sure you sign up for e-mails for discounts and promos.
  • Do you auto-renew?
    That is up to you! We offer our Monthly Subscription as a One-Time Purchase or you can Subscribe and have Recurring Payments.
  • What does the Rating Club include?
    5 for you and 1 for them! Every month you will receive 4 Premium Cigars. We also donate a cigar to Cigars For Warriors for each monthly subscription purchased. We will also send you a link to rate the cigars using our 4 Category System with a 1-10 Rating Scale. Quarterly we will average the ratings out and publish them in the Ash Quarterly Magazine.
  • When do you ship?
    We ship all monthly subscriptions out at the beginning of each month. If you order on October 17th, it will ship at the beginning of November. The same goes for if you order on the 1st or 31st.
  • Why choose you?
    We are not a turn and burn operation, we don't receive cigars and ship them the next day. We receive the cigars and hold them a minimum of 4 weeks before shipping out. During that time we have partnered with Boveda to ensure cigars become properly acclimated before we package them. Then we ship them with Boveda packs to ensure proper humidity levels on their journey to your doorstep. We also take great pride in our magazine. We have partnered with some great people like Boveda, Premium Cigar Association, and Cigar Rights of America to help bring you relevant and informative content.
  • What is Cigars For Warriors?
    Besides one of the best 501c3 Charities out there? Please go to for more information and steps to donate!
  • Do you ship outside of the United States?
    We started offering international shipping at the end of 2020. We offer international shipping at a rate of $12.99 anywhere outside of the United States.
  • How do you rate cigars?
    Our ratings are completely different than the other guys. First off, it's not our ratings - it's yours! Everyone who signs up for our Monthly Cigar Rating Club receives a scorecard and link to rate the 4 cigars they receive. Our rating system is on a 1-10 scale for Appearance, Draw, Construction, and Taste. We then compile all the ratings and get an average for each category and then an Overall Score for each cigar. We believe that ratings should be consumer based and not skewed by personal or professional bias. Sign up for our Monthly Cigar Rating Club today to be part of the rating process for Ash Quarterly Magazine.
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