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No, Kids Aren't Smoking Premium Cigars. But That Doesn't Matter.

Are kids smoking premium cigars? Absolutely not. Are kids buying premium cigars? Absolutely not. Are cigar brands purposefully marketing to kids? Absolutely not. So why is this such a heated debate? It’s pretty simple really, perception is reality. The perception the FDA has when it sees a resemblance to a cartoon character on a cigar is going to be that it’s targeting children. Their perception is their reality. And unfortunately, the FDA has the power to regulate the premium cigar industry.

So why would we want to intentionally poke the bear that can chew us up and spit us out? No one in the premium cigar industry is in favor of what the FDA is trying to do. However, there is a certain level of professionalism and responsibility that is expected out of everyone while we collectively fight the overreach in the courts. And that’s where the fight needs to be, in the courts and not amongst each other. I truly believe that we can all agree on these few points:

-Kids aren’t smoking premium cigars

-Kids aren’t buying premium cigars

-No one is purposefully marketing premium cigars towards children

-No one likes what the FDA is trying to do

-Let’s educate the bear, not poke it

It doesn’t matter that kids aren’t buying and smoking premium cigars. It doesn’t matter that brand x isn’t marketing to kids. All that matters is that right now we are giving the FDA the confirmation that they are looking for and dividing this industry in the process. We say this is a professional industry for adults, let’s start acting like it and come together for a unified front. No more calling each other out and dividing the industry into the old vs new. We are all in this together and want the same thing and our best shot is to do it together.


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Julio Fortis
Julio Fortis
Mar 14, 2022

What's dividing the industry is all this negativity. If the FDA wanted to say something it would be about the cigars in gas stations where minors can be found. Maybe look at that. It's really not about the buisness that's moving in a certain direction. Now In the 90s they said Joe cool was targeting teens . He was on every billboard from Miami to Macedonia. But the cigars that are marketed to a CLOSED group or in lounges or in well I guess that's really it. If the FDA were to say tomorrow that cigars can't have any type of animation on it that would be just silly. And I was just starting to like the ash quarterly. But…

Mar 14, 2022
Replying to


Again, we are not agreeing with the FDA's thought process. Unfortunately it's the reality we live in. We should absolutely fight them on this because you're right, kids do not have access to premium cigars like they do cigarettes and vape. But we need to fight them in the courts and not by doing things that just throws a big middle finger their way. This is a topic that is unfortunately very divisive. Even with how neutral of an approach this post was, you found it divisive. Even with all the calls to come together and with zero fingers pointed. We need to unite. I hope you can see that that is our goal.


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