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Micallef Cigars Releases Brick & Mortar Exclusive the Lowercase “a” During PCA

Micallef Cigars continues to deepen its investment in brick-and-mortar retailers with an exclusive release. Named by the Micallef Ambassadors, the lowercase “a”, a 4x46 petit corona, is the third vitola in the Micallef “A” family, joining the churchill and gordo.

The original Micallef “A” Churchill was released to commemorate the first anniversary of the Micallef Ambassadors; the Ambassadors named this cigar in 2020. The Ambassador group is a community of cigar enthusiasts. Micallef Ambassadors help shape Micallef’s priorities, product, and direction. The Micallef “A” was the first physical manifestation of Micallef’s partnership with the Ambassador community. Micallef is grateful for their friendship and humbled by their loyalty.

What began as a nickname for the petit corona, previously available to Ambassadors only through the sales team, was so profoundly liked that Micallef adopted the lowercase “a” name permanently. Demand for this cigar has been so strong since the introduction, Micallef decided to make it a part of our core portfolio.

“Building new releases with the Micallef Ambassadors ensures product demand is ready to go. We can share the kernel of an idea with our Ambassadors and shape it into our next release.” says Dan Thompson, President of Micallef Cigars. “Since they helped create it, they are already asking where they can buy it.”

“Often, people are surprised we invest so much with our ambassadors,” says Micallef Cigars founder Al Micallef “when I hear that, I think why the hell wouldn’t we? We work for them; we do this for them!”

The Micallef lowercase “a” is a medium body cigar with layers of flavor. The Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper brings smooth notes of sweet cream, while the Sumatran binder adds notes of wood and leather. The cigar is available in 50-count boxes and retails for $5.50 per stick.

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