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Meerapfel Cigars To Rebrand As THE SELECTION


Ladies and Gents, please welcome:


You might ask why THE SELECTION? Well that’s easily answered:

1. We only source THE best tobaccos. From our price-value bundles to our hight-end range; quality is THE highest priority.

2. We hand roll all THE cigars with love.

3. We curate THE blends according to old and new family recipes; from us to you.

THE SELECTION encompasses our family brands including: the EE, the MAE and the MACH. More brands are to be added with a first addition launching at the Intertabac in a couple of weeks.

THE SELECTION embodies THE ethos, THE love and THE craftmanship we put into each and every cigar we make.

✨ Dare to be YOU. Dare to be THE SELECTION ✨


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