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Luciano Cigars Unveils Fiat Lux Limited Edition 'Tenebrus' and Announces Manufacturing Collaboration with Plasencia’s Tabacos de Oriente in Honduras

Luciano Fiat Lux Tenebrus

From Luciano Cigars:

Luciano Cigars is thrilled to announce the launch of the Fiat Lux Limited Edition 'Tenebrus,' a testament to our new strategic manufacturing partnership with Plasencia’s factory-Tabacos de Oriente, where the celebrated Fiat Lux line is now being crafted. 

The introduction of TENEBRUS marks a pivotal moment celebrating a shared commitment to excellence in cigar manufacturing. This collaboration allows Luciano Cigars to enhance its production capabilities, further enriching its portfolio of 20 Luciano brands and 4 regular private labels from its factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

“We are very pleased to welcome Luciano and his family to produce some of their brands in Honduras. This new production is in line with our strategy to put the name of Honduras on high by manufacturing brands like Luciano’s. This production links the relationship of friendship and respect between the two families who have always been known by supporting the communities where they operate.”  Nestor André Plasencia - CEO Plasencia Cigars.

TENEBRUS comes from the Latin word 'Tenebris', meaning darkness, and the concept was actually a result of a philosophical reflection brought by Joshua Beaver, Luciano’s   Midwest Regional Sales Representative. 

“Our meetings are always full of philosophical discussions,” says Josh Beaver. “In our company everyone has a voice and I’m honored to have somehow contributed to the development of this brand”

TENEBRUS embodies the philosophical journey from "darkness into light", mirroring the Latin expression 'Fiat Lux' (let there be light). This connection not only highlights the profound depth of the blend but also the enlightening experience it promises to offer.

The cigar is crafted with a “dual-wrapper”; one, a Habano from Azuacualpa, Olancho - Honduras  (Plasencia's "San Agustin" Farm) and the original Fiat Lux wrapper; a Sumatra seed grown in Ecuador. Both wrappers are fermented for over 5 years and they wrap a Nicaraguan binder and fillers, 'Tenebrus' offers a medium-full blend with an intricate balance of sweetness and depth. This blend is a creation born of innovation and tradition, a tribute to the expertise and legacy that define our industry.

"Discovering that wrapper from the San Agustin farm was a moment of serendipity and tradition entwined. When I was invited into their pre-industry, revealing those precious, aged leaves—a mere small pilón left in existence called my attention—it felt like uncovering treasure. These wrappers, grown in the lush fields of Olancho, carried a story in each vein, a narrative of legacy and innovation. It was in that moment, surrounded by the scent of heritage and the warmth of friendship and brotherhood, that Tenebrus began to take shape. Crafting Tenebrus wasn't just about creating another cigar; it was an homage to tradition, a nod to the exceptional, and a celebration of the endless possibilities when passion meets partnership." Luciano Meirelles - President of Luciano USA.

Product Details:

- Vitola: 6 ½ x 52

- Wrapper: Habano Azuacualpa- Olancho, (Honduras) and Ecuadorian Sumatra

- Binder: Nicaragua

- Fillers: Nicaragua

- MSRP: $22 per cigar

- Availability: Limited to 1500 boxes in sets of 10.

Given the exclusive and limited nature of this release, our team anticipate 'Tenebrus' will sell out swiftly and may not be available by the PCA trade show. We advise enthusiasts to secure their boxes early to experience this extremely limited blend that deepens the essence of Fiat Lux.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the regular Fiat Lux line, now produced at Fabrica Tabacos de Oriente, will be available for sale at the PCA 2024 and that another line, soon to be announced, will also be produced at Tabacos de Oriente, in Honduras. 

"Only two months after these events we lost a great visionary, a friend and Brother, Conrado Plasencia. In honor of Conrado's lasting legacy, Luciano Cigars is proud to contribute a portion of the proceeds from Tenebrus to the Plasencia’s “Souls from the Earth” Foundation. This initiative is more than a gesture of respect; it's a continuation of the values Conrado championed—community support and education. Through this contribution, Tenebrus embodies not just the pinnacle of craftsmanship but also a beacon of hope and progress, celebrating the light Conrado brought to this world." Luciano Meirelles - President of Luciano USA.

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