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Foundation Cigar Company Establishes New Office in Connecticut River Valley

Foundation Cigar Company, an esteemed producer of premium cigars, is delighted to announce the opening of its new office situated in the heart of the Connecticut River Valley tobacco-growing region. The new office is located on the sprawling 300-acre farm owned by Dunn & Foster in Ellington, Connecticut.

This strategic move reinforces Foundation Cigar Company's strong dedication to supporting and championing the rich legacy of Connecticut River Valley tobacco.

The collaboration between Foundation Cigar Company and Dunn & Foster Tobacco originates from a deep-rooted friendship between Nicholas Melillo, the owner of Foundation Cigars, and Jon Foster.

Their initial encounter occurred in 2004 during Foster's visit to Estelí, Nicaragua, where Melillo lived full-time. Since that fateful meeting, Melillo and Foster have shared an unwavering vision to celebrate and promote the exceptional tobacco cultivated in the Connecticut River Valley.

"Nick and I have been friends for 20 years. We have a shared love and passion for CT River Valley Tobacco and the same interest in preserving and promoting this unique, growing region." says Jon Foster.

The Connecticut River Valley boasts a storied heritage of fertile soils, an ideal climate, and a rich legacy of tobacco farming. The origins of Connecticut derive from the Mohegan-Pequot word "Quinnehtukqut," meaning the "long tidal river".

Fifteen thousand years ago, a large glacier covered most of this watershed terrain, eventually transforming into a gigantic finger lake and finally into the Connecticut River. It is because of this 406-mile River, and the rich soil left behind by the glacier period which makes Connecticut tobacco unique.

"This is the Napa Valley of cigar tobacco." Says Nicholas Melillo. "And most people outside the cigar world don't realize its importance. I hope to help change this. The connection between Nicaragua and Connecticut has profoundly impacted my career and represents the heart and soul of Foundation Cigars. Jon and I have the same vision for the CT River Valley, so it made sense to collaborate and put Foundation's home offices on his historic farm."

Foundation Cigars will have the unique opportunity to be a part of the growing process. Over several decades, this process has been refined to produce the best wrapper tobacco possible. This opportunity includes working directly with farmers to bolster economic growth as well as preserve the heritage of the Connecticut River Valley. This includes the development of new and innovative seed varieties that offer a distinctive smoking experience.

The opening of Foundation Cigar Company's office in the Connecticut River Valley marks a significant milestone in its journey, reinforcing its commitment to crafting exceptional cigars rooted in tradition, quality, and excellence.



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