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Doc's Analysis - Casa 1910 Cavalry Edition Jilguero

I don't know about you, but considering there are so many variables, it's very difficult for me to say what my favorite anything is regarding cigars. A favorite wrapper, favorite vitola, country of origin, brand, blender, you name it, my answer would typically be the same: "It depends". If I was however put into a situation where I needed to choose my favorite wrapper in order to save a school bus full of kids dangling off a bridge, I suppose I'd say Mexican San Andrés. So when I found out that a new company in 2021 called Casa 1910 was debuting with a San Andres puro I was excited and intrigued. The 5x50 Cuchillo Parado and 6x54 Tierra Blanca turned out to be amazing smokes. It was clear to me that Casa 1910 wasn't foolin' about when stating their vision was to create top-shelf cigars that highlight the best of Mexican tobacco. The Revolutionary Edtion that uses San Andrés tobacco for the wrapper, binder, and filler was an out-of-the-park home run for me. Not only were the cigars impressive, the vitola names are interesting as well. The Revolutionary Edition is a reference to the Mexican Revolution and each vitola is named for a battle. Casa 1910's next release was the Cavalry Edition line. This time the cigar names are honoring the famous horses that assisted. All three vitolas have a different blend, although the Lucero and As de Oro are very similar. Today though, let's take a look at the third one, Jilguero. Let's fire up this chunky 6x60!

Very cool looking cigar


Some subtle spots ruin an otherwise perfect look

Dense & even foot

off the rails bummer

The Deets

Cigar: Casa 1910 Cavalry Edition Jilguero

Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Undisclosed factory in Nicaragua

Size: 6 x 60

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés

Binder: Nicaragua - Estelí

Filler: Nicaragua - Estelí and Jalapa

Appearance 9/10

I was really feeling the look of the previous cigars I had from Casa 1910 and this one was right up there too. Rad bands that were perfectly applied around a delicious San Andrés wrapper with aged out veins. Seams were quite nice and the cap was strong, but had a small case of bedhead hair. The profile was dense & even. There were a small handful of wrapper spots towards the foot. They're minor in the overall experience, but it did contribute in not getting a 10 in appearance. Still though, what a hot looking cigar.

Draw 9/10

I was concerned with the firm draw, but the cigar managed to still pump out ample smoke. The firmness didn't actually become an issue until the final third. I did pull out the tweezers and delicately remove a piece or two. The rest was golden. I probably didn't even really need the tweezers, but I am a bit of a tinkerer if things aren't on point.

Burn/Construction 7/10

Unlike the three previous cigars from Casa 1910 that burned perfectly, I did end up with some issues on Jilguero. The ash was white and very firm. So no issues there. The burn though was like a Tasmanian devil, just rippin around crazy like. I was hoping the giant V that formed at the beginning could be corrected and I'd have smooth sailing. That simply wasn't the case and I did end up using lots of fire to "not" fix the problem. Damn shame too since the other cigars were just fine. So take this section's rating with an extra grain of salt.

Taste 9/10

1/3 - Cool earth kicks it off with some veggie action. The retro is soft leather, grass, and a hint of milk chocolate. Moving inward and white pepper joins in. In the very far back I pick up a spicy/sweet note. The smoke is mild and soft, while still providing a full body flavor.

2/3 - That spicy/sweet note wasn't content being in the back and shoved it's way forward. Cafe mocha is welcomed. Green grass is still present. The retro now is a lovely smoky burnt caramel.

3/3 - The last third had some interesting transitions. Lightly buttered popcorn, rye bread, and spicy hamburger have taken over the flavor profile. I think there is a smidge of ligero in the filler and the zing is raising its hand.

Overall 8.5/10

Considering my previous experiences with the brand, I really expected this to be a 90 or above. To be fair, I did only have 1 sample and the burn issues could have been a fluke. That pesky 7 certainly did a number on the average, but I wouldn't let that drive you away. The cigar looks great, tastes great, and Casa 1910 is a brand to keep your eye on. Have you had a cigar from them yet? Let me know in the comments below and give me your thoughts.

**Number of cigars smoked for the review: 1



Chris Coulter
Chris Coulter
Jun 26, 2023

Every Casa1910 that I’ve smoked so far has left me with wanting more; have to get a box and age some too.

Doc Brown7
Doc Brown7
Jul 11, 2023
Replying to

Agreed! I've had 3 blends and 4 different vitolas and really enjoyed all of them. The Jilguero is the only one that had some burn issues, but I'm not even certain it was the construction. It had been non-stop raining for over a week and perhaps the dry-boxing was counterproductive, leaving it a bit damp. Totally a box worthy company.

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