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Doc's Analysis - Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf Toro

Care for a double? A double of what you ask. I suppose double could be good or bad. If you remember the Doublemint Gum commercials, you get double the pleasure and double the freshness from their gum. Then again, if you're in double trouble, that's no good. That's a double whammy. How many times am I going to type "double"? Well I'm not done because we need to talk about the latest edition to the Alec Bradley Experimental Series, Double Broadleaf. Having doub...uh, two broadleaf components doesn't sound like a crazy Frankenstein experiment, but I'm down for it. Perhaps the experiment isn't necessarily about the broadleaf duo, but more about where it's grown. The wrapper and one of the dual binders are Connecticut-seed broadleaf that are grown in Honduras. The other binder is Nicaraguan Connecticut-seed broadleaf. That sounds worthy of bringing out the lab coat. Let's fire it up and see if I'm double-satisfied or doubled over in nOpe.

Looks edible

I love being a BOTL


Can I get a hellyeah?!

Ok, alright, not too shabby

The Deets

Cigar: Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf Toro

Origin: Danlí, Honduras

Factory: Tabacos de Oriente

Size: 6 x 52

Wrapper: Honduran CT-Seed Broadleaf

Binder: Honduran CT-Seed Broadleaf / Nicaraguan CT-Seed Broadleaf

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua

Appearance 9/10

I'm impressed when I hold this in my hand. The broadleaf wrapper has the perfect amount of oil sheen and flawless seams. Sliding the cigar around I can feel it is very uniform with mild tooth. The subtle veins add a nice visual texture without being jagged. The cap is acceptable, but I do take issue with the small wrapper tear on the backside and both bands were extremely loose. Aside from the two minor issues, Double Broadleaf is a solid looking cigar.

Draw 7/10

I had problems here. The 1st third was very tight. Once things warmed up by the 2nd third I was able to remove a large tree. This did help with the draw, but still on the snug side. The tree bore unfortunately did seem to raise the smoke temperature a little, but it wasn't scorching.

Burn/Construction 8.5/10

The burn line and ash scored well. The burn had a couple moments of misbehaving, but a couple flame kisses and it was back in line. Ash was certainly on the firm side and needed some persuasion to fall on occasion. During my tree removal I managed to produce a small crack at the cap and the cigar did a great job holding together.

Taste 8.5/10

1/3 - A very nice intro of hay and sunflower seeds with a retro of soft black pepper and herbal tea. Damp leaves scatter in, along with classic leather. I'm picking up a hint of spice and milk chocolate. A balanced beginning.

2/3 - The hint of spice pushed forward while still clinging to the milk choco. I love pistachios and was glad to have that note show up. Herbal tea has taken a seat in the back. Retro has become a mix of white & black pepper. The finish is now on the dry side and leaves a feeling in the mouth of pencil eraser.

3/3 - The flavor profile seemed to even out again. New notes of steak and creamed coffee arrive. Spicy green grass and faint anise help make a somewhat complex final third. Retro and finish have transitioned into dry, powdered donut.

Overall 8.3/10

I feel like this cigar has the potential to reach a 90 or above. The draw killed the score here, but the cigar scored well in other categories. I'd like to get more and let them age for a short while. A better draw and a little bit of rest would go a long way. Overall, I did enjoy this cigar and would certainly try again. A fairly successful experiment!

**Number of cigars smoked for the review: 1


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Vcut Errythang
Vcut Errythang
Jul 26, 2023

Sucks that you got a twig in yours. Been interested in trying this one!

Doc Brown7
Doc Brown7
Jul 28, 2023
Replying to

Do it! Truth be told, I've never been in love with Alec Bradley, but this blend was decent and the Honduran CT Broadleaf was a first for me (I think). And one thing is for sure: if I ever owned a cigar brand I'd make sure it never ever had giant stems. Grinds me gears it does.

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