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Ash Quarterly Magazine partners with Karen Berger Cigars to launch Brick & Mortar QR Code Program

Ash Quarterly Magazine made plans to pivot to an all-digital platform last year as more and more consumers are moving away from reading print. The QR Code Program is set to launch at the PCA 2023 Trade Show and is 100% free to all retailers. The QR Codes are printed on high-quality vinyl stickers that are meant to resemble a magazine cover that features Karen Berger. These stickers will be placed at the counter or in humidors at lounges across the United States. Consumers can scan the QR Code from the sticker or type in the address at the bottom to go to the Ash Quarterly Digital Issue page where they can read every copy of Ash Quarterly Magazine absolutely free.

"We are very excited to launch the QR Code Program as digital viewership continues to rise with our magazine and across the media landscape." said Jason Faulkenburg Founder & Editor of Ash Quarterly Magazine. "We are even more excited to partner with Karen Berger Cigars for this revolutionary campaign."

Bruce Busch, Vice President of Sales for Karen Berger Cigars, had this to say: "We are thrilled to be partnering with Ash Quarterly, a publication that we hold in high regard, on this great new venture! As we make great new cigars for the lovers of the leaf, so shall it be reported on the fine pages of AQ!"

"I personally am so honored to be able to continue to grow our relationship with Karen and the team at Karen Berger Cigars. Karen is someone I look up to in the industry as she is a true trailblazer and just a genuinely great human being." said Rebecca Faulkenburg Director of Marketing of Ash Quarterly Magazine.

Lounges that would like to participate in the QR Code Program that are unable to pick up their sticker(s) at PCA can e-mail with their store information to receive via mail.

For more information on Karen Berger Cigars, go to

For more information on Ash Quarterly Magazine, go to

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1 Comment

Doc Brown7
Doc Brown7
Jul 11, 2023

A very cool concept. Congrats to both Ash Quarterly and Karen Berger Cigars!

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