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Ash Quarterly Awards Nominees

The nominations are in for the first-ever Ash Quarterly Awards. There will be a total of 7 awards given out this year, with 4 of them nominated and voted on by consumers. Those four awards are Company of the Year, Consumer Engagement, Man of the Year, and Woman of the Year. The other 3 awards are chosen a little differently. Cigar of the Year will be based on ratings from the Ash Quarterly Rating Club from the prior 12 months. The LOTL Award will be chosen by Rebecca Faulkenburg and given to a company that is dedicated to the advancement of women in all aspects of the cigar industry. Lastly, the Founders Award will be chosen by Jason Faulkenburg and given to a company that has been a great partner to Ash Quarterly. Make sure you go to to vote today. Awards will be announced in the Winter '21 Issue of Ash Quarterly Magazine.

Company of the Year

-J.C. Newman

-Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

-Rock-A-Feller Cigars


-Southern Draw

-Rocky Patel

Woman of the Year

-Karen Berger (Don KiKi Cigars)

-Leonor Abzaradel (Nova Cigars)

-Liana Fuente (Arturo Fuente Cigars)

Man of the Year

-Drew Newman (J.C. Newman Cigar Company)

-Abe Dababneh (Smoke Inn)

-Kevin Schweitzer (Rock-A-Feller Cigars)

-Jonathan Drew (Drew Estate)

-Steve Saka (Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust)

Consumer Engagement

-Drew Estate

-Smoke Inn

-Cigar Prop

-J.C. Newman

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