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Ash Quarterly Awards - Company of the Year: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust picks up their fourth Ash Quarterly Award this year with Company of the Year. Steve Saka and team absolutely stole the show this year winning all four core awards nominated on and voted for by consumers: Consumer Engagement, Woman of the Year (Cindy Saka), Man of the Year (Steve Saka), and now Company of the Year. Last year DTT received wins in Man of the Year and Company of the Year.

One brand winning all consumer driven awards is a first for us at Ash Quarterly and a first that we know of in any other cigar industry awards. This truly shows how in touch Steve and his team are with consumers and the quality that they put out in every cigar. Congratulations Steve and the entire DTT Team on this accomplishment!

Nominees: Arturo Fuente

Don KiKi/K by Karen

Drew Estate

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (Winner)


JC Newman

Room 101


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