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From Artista Cigars:

Artista Cigars announces two line extensions, one each for the Artista Series and Ortiz Series, and a whole new SKU set for the value segment named Art-56. 

“We have done a lot of work since PCA 2023; Falu is the next step for our flagship brand,” states Radhames ‘Ram’ Rodriguez, President of Artista Cigars “and we are proud of the work we have done with David Ortiz to bring his latest new offering as well”. 


The ARTISTA Series represents the factory’s premium line. Each blend in the line is represented by a moniker and matching color, each distinct in strength and profile. States Kevin Newman: “For the Artista lines we challenged ourselves to make something different. We spoke with our Factory Team and worked with our Agronomist. We asked them to seek new materials, source often over-looked tobaccos, and asked our best artisans to help us develop something wholly different”. 

ARTISTA Falu is a full-bodied, full-strength cigar blend featuring a toothy and rich Broadleaf wrapper sourced from a generations-old family farm, for the binder an Indonesian leaf, and a filler blend that balances flavor and strength.

Artista Falu is so named for the red barns of Northern Europe and United States that stand out in rich contrast to their pastoral surroundings. Falu starts with hints of hay and aged hardwood, builds with hints of dried cranberries, and finishes with cracked pepper and notes of sweet Dominican rum.

Artista Falu is offered in a Box Pressed Robusto 5x54 and Box Pressed Toro 6x50 and is line-priced to the current Artista Harvest & Artista Midnight: MSRP per cigar is $10.20 for the Robusto and $10.40 for the Toro. 

Artista Falu will be on display and for sale at PCA 2024 in Las Vegas, and Artista Cigars anticipates shipping to retailers the first week of April. 

HOF by David Ortiz

HOF, which stands for Hall of Fame, is the latest line extension for the Ortiz Series and honors Ortiz’ induction to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2022. HOF by David Ortiz features a Mexican San Andres wrapper and a sweet Indonesian binder and a filler blend as powerful as Ortiz’ career. 

HOF by David Ortiz is offered in two SKUs, a regular production Toro 54x6 as well as a Limited Edition Figurado of which only 541 boxes will be made. 541 is an important number is Ortiz’ career, representing the number of home runs attributed to him during his professional career. Each Limited-Edition Box is hand-numbered, and a select few boxes will be autographed by Ortiz. The Toro is offered in a 20-CT Box and the LE Figurado is a 10-CT Box.

HOF by David Ortiz Toro is offered at an MSRP of $15.00 per cigar, and the LE Figurado MSRP is $16.00. HOF by David Ortiz will be on display at PCA for Pre-Order and Artista Cigars anticipates shipping to retailers for the mid-season break in July 2024.


Art-56 is a value bundle of 10 cigars. Offered in a Robusto 54x4⅜ and a Toro 50x5½, and in a choice of either Maduro, Natural, or Claro wrappers, Art-56 fits comfortably in the value line-up of any humidor. The Robusto is offered at an MSRP of $28.00 for a bundle of 10 cigars and the Toro is offered at an MSRP of $29.00. Art-56 will be on display and for sale at PCA 2024 in Las Vegas, and ready for immediate shipping.


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