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All Saints Cigars To Ship Solamente

All Saints Cigars is proud to unveil Solamente, an exclusive limited edition that epitomizes our commitment to refined quality and taste. Co-founder Micky Pegg states, "We strive for superior craftsmanship, always pushing the boundaries of tradition and innovation."

Inspired by "solamente," the Spanish term for "only," this singularly sized cigar offers an exceptional flavor profile and a unique smoking experience. As Pegg elaborates, "The Solamente isn't just a product, it's the culmination of our passion for the craft."

Honoring All Saints Day, each stylishly presented box contains 23 expertly hand-rolled cigars. These aren't just an addition to our lineup, but an embodiment of the All Saints Cigars ethos - a relentless pursuit of perfection and dedication to the art of cigar-making.

Co-founder Frank Layo states, "Our pursuit of perfection is unwavering. That's why each Solamente is crafted with a blend of select tobaccos sourced directly from the premier regions of Nicaragua." This results in a luxurious smoke with a balanced, complex taste profile. Wrapped in a high-grade cover, it boasts notes of earth, leather, and subtle sweetness, complemented by a rich, captivating aroma.

Solamente, presented in an elegant box, makes the ideal gift for cigar aficionados and collectors. "With every puff, you are immersed in a world of refined taste and unparalleled quality," says Layo, underscoring the exceptional experience the Solamente provides.

Experience Solamente – a testament to the unwavering dedication of Pegg and Layo to craftsmanship and excellence. Available exclusively in one size and limited quantity, this Nicaraguan masterpiece offers a remarkable indulgence. "Celebrate All Saints Day with Solamente," encourages Pegg, "and let the festivities begin."

Factory - TAVICUSA

Wrapper - Ecuador Habano

Binder - Nicaragua

Filler - Nicaragua & Honduras

Size - 5x58

Shape – Round

500 Boxes of 23 Cigars

MSRP $20

Shipping by November 1st, All Saints Day, our 4th Anniversary



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