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Aladino to Release Fuma Noche at PCA

Aladino Fuma Noche

From JRE Tobacco:

Introducing a completely new line that will make part of our ongoing portfolio. Aladino Fuma Noche is all about embodying the essence of nighttime revelry and social enjoyment. The blend is rich, intense and dense, geared for those who seek a fuller-bodied smoke. 

The line comes in a new slick black box with a piano finish, metallic lettering and a slightly more modern presentation yet still embodies the elegance and charm associated with the Aladino brand. On the inside, there’s the iconic Aladino image, now monochrome, and for the first time we have dressed the cigars with a foot band. The look, feel, and richness of Fuma Noche is sure to make this cigar part of any aficionado’s weekly rotation. 

Wrapper:  Maduro 

Binder:  Undisclosed tobacco varieties 

Filler:  JRE Tobacco Farm

Vitola:  Super Toro (6.25 x 54)

MSRP:  $15.00

Bigger and Bolder? That sounds like exciting news for large ring gauge cigar enthusiasts! The Aladino Maduro Gordo is a line extension and permanent addition to our ongoing portfolio. As our commitment to catering to the diverse preferences of our consumers, we felt the need to introduce this size due to demand. The blend was carefully crafted to ensure maximum flavor and continue to emphasize the blend’s characteristics.

Wrapper:  Maduro

Binder:  Corojo

Filler:  Corojo

Vitola:  Gordo (6.5 x 60)

MSRP:  $12.50

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