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A Cigar With Pedro Gomez

Yesterday, June 28th, we had the pleasure of having Pedro Gomez on an intimate Virtual Zoom Event with a handful of consumers. This is part of our A Cigar With series where we put together branded samplers with invitations to join a live Zoom meeting with some of your favorite brand owners and cigar personalities. Pedro was gracious enough to offer up a few hours of time out of his extremely busy schedule. We do not have any recordings or clips as this is meant to be a intimate and unique experience for those that joined us.

Pedro Gomez was on our Volume 5, Issue 2 cover and was the featured interview in that issue. For those unaware, Pedro is the Factory Spokesperson for Drew Estate and beyond that he is an incredible human being. Last night a handful of excited consumers got the opportunity to hang out with Pedro and ask him questions, hear his stories, and see his passion for this industry. We also had Kevin Shahan of Cigar Prop, Innocent McGuire of Big Guilty Cigar, and Ronnie Pecorini and Cousin Frank of Great Cigar & Pipe Show join us as well.

We want to thank Pedro for his time and everyone else that joined in for their time. Also, a big congratulations to Innocent for winning BOTH raffles last night including the Pedro Golden Signature copy of Ash Quarterly Magazine and then turning around and adding in a raffle of his own for those that didn't win! It was a wonderful time, don't miss out on the next one.

For more on Pedro Gomez, check out our interview with him over at

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