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‚ÄčWe have launched our Monthly Cigar Rating Club where you will receive 3 Cigars (Valued at a minimum of $40) each month for only $29.99. We will also donate a cigar to Cigars For Warriors for each monthly subscription. You will also receive each quarterly magazine on months that we publish (January, April, July, October). We will then send you a survey to rate the cigars using our unique rating system. Then, we will publish the average rating in Ash Quarterly.


A new take on the cigar magazine.  Equal parts informative and entertaining.  Get an inside look at some of the industry's leading personalities in our 'A Cigar With' series.  Keep up to date with the legislative side of the industry in our On The Front Lines with Glynn Loope of Cigar Rights of America.  Learn all about a Lady of the Leaf in our series of interviews from Tawana Brown.  Less ads, no ratings, no cigar reviews, and we include cigars!

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Unique Partnerships

Aside from our Quarterly Magazine, we partner with brands to bring one-of-a-kind products to the consumer.  Our newest partnership is with Nova Cigars.  We have partnered with them to create a limited Ash Quarterly Magazine all about Nova that will come with 3 Premium Nova Cigars, a Nova branded cutter, Nova branded lighter, and a limited edition sticker limited to this package only.  All for only $49.99!  


In every issue of Ash Quarterly we include 3 Premium Cigars.  We do not tell you what cigars we smoked and how we think they are in some politicized review.  We send you the cigars to try for yourself.  We also surprise 20 lucky subscribers with a bonus 4th Cigar.  And on top of all that we donate 1 cigar for every issue bought to Cigars For Warriors.