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The Ash Quarterly Rating Club was created to provide consumer-based ratings in Ash Quarterly Magazine.  This is not your typical Cigar of the Month Club.  We wanted to find a way to include ratings in the magazine, but we do not believe in ratings being done by a single person or even a select few.  So we decided to create the Ash Quarterly Rating Club and limit it to 100 subscribers a month.  This is not a club designed to put money in our pockets, it is designed to provide quality cigars to the consumer while creating a unique take on cigar ratings and allowing us to give back at the same time.  For $29.99 a month each person will receive a package with 4 premium cigars, rating cards to use while enjoying each cigar, information on the cigars with a link to post their ratings, and the ability to have their voice heard by being part of the rating system in Ash Quarterly Magazine.  We also donate a cigar to Cigars For Warriors for every subscription sold.  Don't hesitate and sign up for the Ash Quarterly Rating Club today.  Have Your Voice Heard!

-Jason Faulkenburg


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