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The perfect companion piece to Ash Quarterly Magazine.


Tired of having some snobby aficionado tell you what cigars to smoke? Always disagreeing with those crazy scores? Us too! That's why we want YOU to rate the cigars in our magazine. Join the Ash Quarterly Rating Club today!


-5 Cigars Each Month: 4 For You, 1 For CFW (more info below)

-YOU Rate The Cigars

-We Publish Them In The Magazine

-Have Your Voice Heard!

-PLUS Ash Quarterly Magazine in January, April, July, and October boxes

-You Choose Your Payment Date (recurring payments are on the date you sign up)


Only $29.99 per month, including shipping.  We will donate 1 cigar to Cigars For Warriors for each monthly subscription.


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  • January - Ash Quarterly Winter Issue + Cigars
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