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Veritas Cigars appoints National Sales Director

Veritas Cigars is continuing its restructuring and expansion with our newly built factory Tabacalera Nuevo Nica S.A and an exciting addition to our Management Team. With great honor and pride Veritas Cigars & Nuevo Nica welcome aboard Rick Ardito as National Sales Director. This may come as a surprise as Rick has stated multiple times he was "retired", but in his words about Veritas Cigars "The market needs to experience these sticks." With almost 25 years in the cigar industry and a plethora of successfully led brands in his repertoire including Drew Estate, Foundation, and 7-20-4, Ricks "shaman-like" perspective and incomparable ability to build relationships with retailers will help put Veritas Cigars into select brick & mortars across the US.

In some ways Rick Ardito is like Michael Corleone in The Godfather 3, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"

Rick Ardito: “I’ve known "Jollibee" Weber (owner of Veritas Cigars) for a number of years, and instantly picked up on his joyful obsession with tobacco and blending - he’s a real “leaf” kind of guy. He has a visionary and culinary approach, which you don’t always see, and he’s unfazed by the process of procuring whatever ‘leaf’ necessary to fulfill the blending vision. I’ve smoked lots of his sticks over the years, and have always picked up on that inherent ‘something extra,’ quality that I’ve always looked for in cigars - I’m speaking of that mysterious ‘small-batch’ artisanal flavor quality. When I received word concerning his recent factory expansion and his intentions to grow the company beyond mainly a private label house, we began speaking and came to mutually beneficial terms. I’m moving forward with vigor, putting together the kind of team that’ll support greater national distribution - The market needs to experience these sticks.”

Rick Ardito will be working with trusted and reputable sales forces across the US to highlight the Veritas Cigars core line as well as limited edition releases. It's an exciting new era for Veritas Cigars and we look forward to working so closely with an industry legend.

For more information contact Rick Ardito via email at



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