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Somm Cigars Introduces BDX Corona Gorda: Shipping Begins This Week

Somm Cigars BDX

From Somm Cigars:

Somm Cigars is thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated BDX Corona Gorda size will  commence shipping to customers this week. 

"The Corona Gorda is one of my favorite sizes, and I am extremely happy with how the  blend is showcased in this format. I originally made these for myself as a birthday present  last year, and after a few people tried them and fell in love with the profile, I decided to  release an extremely limited production run this year. 

Blink, and you’ll miss them!" said Vlada Stojanov, owner of Somm Cigars. 

The limited production consists of only 2600 cigars, available in packs of 10, with an MSRP  of $13 each or $130 for the pack.  

Like the rest of the BDX blend, it is made at FCT in Danli, Honduras.

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1 Comment

Corona Gorda is one of my favorite sizes too. Thin enough to get a lot of wrapper notes but not so thin that it feels like a toothpick in your hand.

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