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Quality Importers Trading Co. Announces New Colors to Palio V-Cutter and New Cutter Displays

February 15th, 2023 – Weston, FL – Quality Importers Trading Company announces today the addition of 4 new colors to the Palio V-Cutter line, along with new display packaging for both the V-Cut and Original Straight Cut. The new Palio V-Cutter and Straight cutter displays will be showcased during the TPE tradeshow held in Las Vegas, NV on February 22nd-24th in the QI Booth #2059.

The Palio V-Cutter is designed to provide the deep V-cut that aficionados love while accommodating larger (up to 64) ring gauge cigars. Each cutter features an elegantly contoured body designed to function as a cigar rest when not in use. Initially debuted in black, the Palio V-Cutter is now offered in exciting new colors including Grey, Red, Blue, and green. The Palio V-Cutter is sold in two styles of 12 count display; All Black or Multi-Colored (4 Black, 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Grey and 2 Green).

Jimmy Miudo, Executive Vice President of Product Design at QI, notes “Consumers love the smoking experience a deep V-Cut provides, and the new Palio V-Cut provides that and more, also being a great price. Packaged in 12 count displays, these contoured cutters are countertop friendly and perfect for the on-the-go customer. “

The Palio V-Cutter and Straight Cutter Displays are packaged in displays of 12 with an MSRP of $150.00/display or $24.99/cutter and will be shipping in March.

About Palió

Palio is committed to designing and producing superior cigar accessories for the discerning cigar consumer including fan favorites such as the Original Straight Cutter, Vesuvio Triple Torch lighter, Tazza Ashtray and more. Our diverse and expanding portfolio includes cigar lighters, cigar cutters, and ashtrays. Palio is owned and internationally distributed by Quality Importers Trading Co.

About Quality Importers Trading Company® Quality Importers Trading Company® is the largest

accessory supplier to the premium cigar trade. We are an innovation company, delivering

groundbreaking designs to the cigar industry from the development of SureSeal® Technology used in the Humidor Supreme® line of humidors to the iconic Xi1 cigar cutter. Our organization cultivates a continued dedication to serve our customers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers through innovative, high-quality product and exceptional customer service. Based in the United States with international recognition and growth, the Company strives to be the largest distributor of hard goods in the industry, worldwide. The company’s family of brands include XIKAR®, Palió®, Cigar Caddy®, Humidor Supreme®, DivPro®, Get-a-Grip®, Hydra® electronic humidifiers, Hygroset® Adjustable digital hygrometers, Stinky® and Shuriken®.


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