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Punch Dragon Fire

From STG:

Enter the Dragon! 

2024 will be the first Year of the Dragon since 2012 and Punch will mark the momentous moment in the Chinese zodiac on February 1, 2024 when a limited-edition smoke called Dragon Fire ships to retailers. 

The new release marks the sixth installment of the brand’s highly successful Chinese New Year Series which has included these highly-rated Punch blends: Spring Roll (2023), Fu Manchu (2022), Kung Pow! (2021), Chop Suey (2020) and Egg Roll (2019).

John Hakim, brand manager of Punch said, “The dragon is the only mythological figure in the Chinese zodiac and that inspired us to bring the fire-breathing totem to life with this year’s release. We had a blast creating the bold and fiery blend, and gave the cigar a flat head in a nod to the wood dragon that will preside over 2024. And in a shout out to the celebrations that will be sparked by the dragon’s arrival, we made the packaging to look like a box of fireworks.”

Handcrafted at the STG Esteli factory in Esteli Nicaragua which is a rarity for the brand, Punch Dragon Fire was made to resemble a firecracker. Extending beyond the cigar’s Nicaraguan Condega binder and Nicaraguan, Dominican and Honduran filler is its Mexican wrapper which is pressed down to replicate the way in which the casing of a firework extends beyond the plug inside. The tobaccos come together to create a smoking experience that brims with the complexity of dark chocolate, pepper, earth, leather and coffee notes.

Punch Dragon Fire cigars come in 20-count boxes and the blend will only be available in this special release.

Punch Dragon Fire

(5” x 60) – SRP per cigar $6.99



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