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PCA Fights Back Against Tax Increases

The Premium Cigar Association is actively battling the Tobacco Tax Equity increases that have been inserted into the reconciliation process. You can learn more about reconciliation process, infrastructure plan, and the tobacco tax increases in our informational video.

The association has opposed this legislation going back to the previous Congress and has continued efforts to defeat this plan when it was introduced as standalone legislation in the Momma’s Act and Tobacco Tax Equity Act.

This year PCA has sent over 10,000 consumer and retailer messages, met with 65 Congressional offices, circulated talking points to 800+ Congressional staff, and worked with nearly a dozen state associations targeting specific Members of Congress to defeat this legislation.

“Whether it is a federal or state tax increase, PCA will oppose efforts by elected officials to increase taxes on premium cigars or constrain our membership from doing business” says PCA President Greg Zimmerman.

“This is a high-profile tax increase, which is getting a lot of attention, but our position is clear that we will not accept tax increases of any kind on premium cigars.”

“Premium cigars should not be taxed “equitably” with other products that have greater risk, more frequent use, and appeal to youth. The premium cigar industry already pays their fair share in excise taxes, user fees, and state taxes and we cannot bear any more of a burden through regressive taxes” says PCA Executive Director Scott Pearce.

The association also contends that the policy will fail to meet revenue projections based off pending regulatory actions, market constraints, and a reduction in sales/consumption if the taxes were to go into effect. PCA strongly urges retailers to voice their concerns to their elected representatives by using the link below:


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