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Micallef Cigars Presents: Ladies of the Leaf - Ashley Ashes

Rebecca Faulkenburg: Ashley, thank you so much for taking the time to do this with me. I always love getting a chance to chat with you and can’t wait for our readers to learn more about Big Ash!

Ashley: Same! Love knowing other women that are cigar nerds! Thanks for asking me.

Rebecca: What got you into smoking cigars?

Ashley: I started smoking in graduate school after a fundraising event with some of my professors who had cigars. Love the ambiance and the way everyone could come together for great conversations. The community aspect is really what drew me in.

Rebecca: How long from the time you smoked your first cigar until you knew you wanted to be in the cigar industry?

Ashley: My first cigar was over a decade ago (don’t start doing the math on my age). At first I never planned to work in the industry. Cigars were just a hobby that helped me relax. After about 5 years I wanted to learn more about it and considered switching careers. I asked the owner of my lounge about working in the industry. He actually laughed and said it wasn’t a place for women.

Read the entire interview and issue of Ash Quarterly Magazine by clicking the link below!


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