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Micallef Cigars Honors Strong Women with its Limited Release of the Migdalia Special Edition

Micallef Cigars proudly celebrates International Women's Day with its annual release of the Migdalia Special Edition for the third year. The 5X40 Londres cigar is named after Migdalia Sanchez, the matriarch of the Gomez-Sanchez family, who crafted the blend. Migdalia’s sons Edel and Joel are the master blenders at Micallef Cigars’ factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

The Migdalia Special Edition is more than just a cigar; it celebrates the strength of women and their contributions to our lives. Since its inception, Micallef has included a special message inside the Migdalia cigar ring; Micallef Cigars Celebrates Strong Women. Fierce Minds. Brave Spirits. Kind Hearts.

Though the release spotlights women, Micallef quickly points out that the Migdalia Special Edition is not a “women’s cigar” but a blend for both men and women to enjoy. However, the company did consider female smokers with the release. The vitola is an appealing size for many women, and the 12-count box is not overly cumbersome. Micallef also ships copies of its Cigar Journal free of charge to shops that carry the limited release. The Cigar Journal includes the history of women in cigars as well as everything one needs to know at the start of their cigar journey. From cutting and lighting to lounge etiquette, the journal aims to answer any new smoker’s most frequent questions.

“Enjoying the Migdalia Special Edition” encompasses the celebration of strong women like Migdalia, the matriarch of the Gomez Sanchez family. But for me, it is far more personal as I celebrate the amazing women in my life: my mother and wife.” Said Micallef Cigars president Dan Thompson.

Over the past few decades, the cigar industry has seen a surge in the number of female smokers. The percentage of women smoking cigars has grown by 1900%. From less than 160K in 1980 to more than 3.2 million women today. This increase in female participation reflects a shift in societal expectations and the breaking down of gender-specific roles.

Amanda Micallef, V.P. of Marketing for Micallef Cigars, commented on the growth in the cigar industry and culture, stating, "We are proud to see so many women embracing the cigar culture and becoming leaders in the industry. The increase in female participation shows that cigars are not just for men but for anyone who appreciates a good smoke."

The Migdalia Special Edition retails for $10 a stick or $120 for a 12-count box.

Strength: Medium to Full

Format: 5x40

Wrapper: San Andrés Habano

Binder: Sumatra

Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic


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Mar 18, 2023

I find the Migdalia blend really well balanced and a perfect after lunch smoke. Can’t wait to try this vitola.


Doc Brown7
Doc Brown7
Mar 14, 2023

Great smoke & great message

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