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LM Cigars Unveils ONWARD Dreams Cigars: A Premium Offering from Nicaragua's Finest Craftsmen

LM Cigars

From LM Cigars:

An Instant Classic: LM Cigars proudly announces the exclusive launch of its newest addition, the ONWARD Dreams. Rolled by the legendary, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. with the utmost attention to detail, ONWARD Dreams cigar is the first presentation of a special collaboration between ONWARD & Dreamer Cigars. This partnership honors the rich tradition of boxing and cigars which go together like closed fists and gloves. Created by cigar aficionado, Adam Guard and DJ Walton, boxing coach and founder of the progressive boxing and athletic apparel brand ONWARD. Together, they have crafted a special offering of a sophisticated medium-bodied pyramid cigar wrapped in an Ecuadorian grown, Havana seed wrapper. This cigar combines a special blend of Nicaraguan tobacco filler and binder for a smooth smoke from the first draw to the finish.


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