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El Titan de Bronze Taps General Cigar to Distribute New Redemption Blend

El Titan de Bronze Redemption

From STG/General Cigar Company:

El Titán de Bronze Cigar Factory and General Cigar will come together  at the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) show in Las Vegas on March 23-25 to debut a new  expression of El Titan de Bronze’s Redemption brand.  

The new blend of Redemption will be distributed exclusively by General Cigar’s sales team and sold to select retail shops by invitation only. The line is not a limited edition and will be available full time  following its release in July 2024. 

The Redemption blend was developed by Sandy Cobas and her daughter Giselle Herrera and is  made at the famed El Titán de Bronze Cigar factory. 

Sandy Cobas said, “This is the right time, with the right people, and I feel so confident in them. After  so many years, so much hard work with my family, this is the first time we will be able to get the  amazing work of our artisans to people all over the country. It started with the Cohiba project, and now, to be going to the show with General Cigar, sitting at a table with the big players where I always wanted to be, I’m so excited. This turned out so well, and I’m thrilled that more people will get to experience a new Redemption and the work of El Titán de Bronze.” 

Full details about the new Redemption line will be released at the PCA tradeshow.  

Sandy Cobas will be at the General Cigar booth at PCA for the first time in more than two decades, and will speak with retailers and media about this special release. 

The Redemption blend set to debut at PCA 2024 will be crafted by eight certified level 9 Cuban  expatriate cigarmakers and four expert Nicaraguan cigar makers. Level 9 is the highest level that a cigarmaker can achieve, with only a few rollers having the dexterity and artistry required to meet the stringent qualifications. 

About El Titán de Bronze 

A family-owned cigar factory established in 1995, El Titán de Bronze has been in its current location  on Calle Ocho in Miami’s Little Havana district since 1997. Each cigar made at the boutique factory  is crafted in the traditional Cuban “entubado” method and is finished with a triple cap. Artisans at El Titán de Bronze individually craft each cigar from start to finish, producing incomparable cigars in  limited quantities under the highest standards of quality.

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