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Doc's Analysis - Villiger Export Maduro

Winter has certainly made its presence known and the frigid air is something many of us just have to deal with. The chilly air puts a damper on cigar time. Often I find myself rushing the final third because I'm done with being huddled over a heater in the garage. Luckily Villiger has a solution. Whether it's the winter temperatures rushing you back inside or simply short on time, Villiger Export provides a tasty smoke for the 15-20 minute break. There are three options to choose from: Natural, Maduro, and Brazil. Today let's do an analysis of the maduro and see if 15 minutes is enough to achieve smoky satisfaction.


My kind of Tootsie-Roll

All 3 looked surprisingly good

pretty even

They have the machine roll down to a science

The Deets

Cigar: Villiger Export Maduro

Origin: Switzerland

Factory: Villiger Söhne AG

Size: 4 x 37

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro


Filler: Cuban-seed


Appearance  9/10

 Villiger has clearly mastered the science of machined rolled cigars. The soft box-press was uniform across all samples and the seams were tight. I was expecting to see either blemishes, spots, or cracks on at least one of the three cigars, but that wasn't the case. For what these are, they look quite nice.


Draw  9/10

 The draw on all three was exactly the same, very good. The resistance was strong enough to not be airy, while still being light enough to be effortless. I would have liked to see a smidge more tightness, but it was pleasant and never picked up a poker once.


Burn/Construction  8.5/10

 The burn on Export is respectable. Sometimes it would almost be razor straight and then veer off a little. I think I only performed one touch up in the three samples, so it burned well. The ash was somewhat impressive too. For not being a dense cigar and also being skinny, the ash does a nice job of hanging on. I pushed a few and the ash stays put until it's very obvious it should be tapped. Things tend to get a little warm & squishy on the last third when I'd like it to remain firm another half inch or so.


Taste  8.5/10

 1/3 - Unwrapped and fired up I get cedar, hickory, and bright natural tobacco. A clean start.

2/3 - The profile warms up and becomes richer in body. Mild milk chocolate lingers in the background and mild pleasant bitters arrive.

3/3 - Milk choco has moved its way to the middle to share center stage with hickory tobacco.


Overall  8.8/10

 For a smoke that was so small and a session that passed so quickly, these have a surprisingly pleasant flavor profile. Of course there aren't going to be drastic transitions or extremely complex notes with a 15 minute cigar, but these little fellas can hold their own. They look nice, perform very consistently, and have a flavor profile that is more than acceptable. Generally these wouldn't be for me as I prefer at least 30 minutes when I sit down with a cigar, but I can see where there'd be certain situations where I'd like to have some on hand. If you're someone who loves a quick smoke, then I would surely recommend trying out Export Maduro.


**Number of cigars smoked for the review: 3






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