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Doc's Analysis - ATL Good Trouble Robusto

My first review for Ash Quarterly was for the ATL Magic Belicoso. It also happened to be my first experience with ATL. While I was unsure if I actually enjoyed the notes of flower power that my palate received, I was still intrigued by the brand. A bit down the road I had the Black Gran Toro and found it to be pretty decent. That blend has been tweaked and also changed factories, so I'm not sure which version I had. Now it's time to get into some Good Trouble. That's just the kind of trouble that congressman John Lewis encouraged and the name of the cigar pays homage to him. So let's cut it up and see what kind of trouble is around the corner. Good trouble? Let's hope so!

I'll take a double!

Delicious texture


That bunch will do

There were some waves

The Deets

Cigar: ATL Good Trouble Robusto

Origin: Estelí, Nicaragua (unsure)

Factory: Luciano Cigars (unsure)

Size: 5 x 50

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Double binder, Indonesian Sumatra / Nicaraguan Ometepe

Filler: Nicaraguan Condega, Jalapa, Estelí

Appearance 9/10

Good Trouble has a very tasteful appearance and one that I think John Lewis would be proud of. A sturdy and clean cap blankets the head. The habano wrapper is ultra smooth with near flawless seams. The bands are elegant, snug, and even. There is a small wrapper wrinkle on the front of the cigar, but it's minor and doesn't get in the way that much of the overall appearance. No doubt a sharp looking cigar.

Draw 10/10

I couldn't ask for a better draw. Cut, light, done. Perfect. I love it when that happens! (I feel like it should happen more often...)

Burn/Construction 8.5/10

No real issues to speak of here. The burn line was a little wavy and I had minor touchups after I dropped the ash twice. The corrections worked and minimal fuel was used. The ash wasn't stacking dimes, but more like nickels. The coins did have some tooth on them though and held together nicely.

Taste 9/10

1/3 - Off the foot is a very pleasant array of soft toast, vanilla, and a general nuttiness. A few puffs in and lemongrass enters. The first third has a nice balance with a retro of creamy clean earth and a body pushing medium.

2/3 - Classic leather had to join in, along with sweet earth. The previous toast, vanilla, and nuts are still around but there is now a mineral note floating in the background. Normally I'm not into the mineral taste, but it somehow compliments the blend here. Retro has notes of gentle beach wood and cream. I'm pretty impressed with how balanced the flavors are.

3/3 - Subtle transitions from the 1st third to the 2nd, and continues to move. Well-done croissant and smoky wood are added to the list of notes. The sweet earth is a little bolder and the Ometepe volcanic zing is very subdued, but harmonized well. Flavors on the retro have become mild black pepper with a touch of mineral. Body ramps up.

Overall 9.1/10

I'd say Good Trouble is an impressive robusto. The balance is above average, even with the subtle transitions throughout the session. Since it does fall on the light side, it'd be a perfect morning smoke with breakfast. I enjoyed this one in the evening, but still felt satisfied when finished. If the time is right and the stars are aligned, I can see myself snagging a box of these. So go out there and get into some Good Trouble!

**Number of cigars smoked for the review: 1



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