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Crux Cigars Welcomes Adam Altman as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Crux Cigars

From Crux Cigars:

Crux Cigars is thrilled to announce the appointment of Adam Altman as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and General Counsel. With over a decade of dedicated service as the company's attorney, Adam's transition into this dual role marks a significant step in the evolution of Crux Cigars.


In his new capacity, Adam will play a pivotal role in shaping and enhancing the operations of Crux Cigars, bringing his wealth of legal expertise and strategic vision to the forefront. Having been an integral part of the company's legal team for more than a decade, Altman's deep understanding of the business, coupled with his commitment to excellence, positions him as an ideal leader for this dual role.


"Adam has been a trusted legal advisor for Crux Cigars, demonstrating unwavering dedication and skill in navigating the complex legal landscape of our industry," said Jeff Haugen, President of Crux Cigars. "We are excited to elevate him to the role of Chief Operating Officer, where he will not only continue to oversee our legal matters but also actively contribute to the strategic and operational aspects of our business."


Altman's expanded responsibilities will encompass optimizing business processes, and collaborating with various departments to drive innovation and growth. His dual role as COO and General Counsel reflects Crux Cigars' commitment to fostering internal talent and leveraging the unique skill set Altman brings to the executive team.


"I am honored and excited to take on this new challenge as both the COO and General Counsel of Crux Cigars," said Adam. "This is an incredible opportunity to contribute more directly to the company's operational success while continuing to provide legal guidance. I look forward to working closely with the entire Crux team to achieve our shared goals."


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