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CigarMedics Debuting Three New Products At PCA 2022

Today, CigarMedics officially announced the upcoming debut of three new products at the

upcoming PCA Trade Show. 2 of the products are entirely new entries for CigarMedics while

the third is an advanced pro version of their flagship product, the HumidiMeter™. All three

products will be on display at the trade show with varying launch dates.

First, we have The Baller, a brand new cigar cutter that features a cut unlike anything cigar

enthusiasts have seen. The Baller functions like a cross between a punch cutter and a v-cutter,

leaving a deep rounded cut similar to what a melon baller does to fruit. This type of cut allows

you to have the deep cut you would get out of a v-cutter while leaving more of the cap intact to

optimize the draw and minimize any construction issues. The Baller is made entirely in the

United States of America out of components made in a small family-owned shop in

Pennsylvania and assembled in Illinois. The new cutter is made from anodized aluminum and

nickel-plated steel with the ball of the cutter being made of hardened stainless steel. The price

is set at $79.99 with all cutters being sold exclusively at this Summer.

Next up is the NubTee, an exciting new cigar rest perfect for the golf course. The NubTee has a

design similar to a golf tee with two adjustable metal prongs coming from the head. The

adjustable prongs allow you to place any size cigar in the holder without damaging the cigar.

The prongs work as a grip as well so that your cigar won’t roll off or blow away with the breeze.

The golf tee ‘spike’ allows you to firmly place the holder in the ground or in your golf cart so you

can focus on your swing. For non-golfers, you can also remove the ‘spike’ and use it a nubbing

tool. MSRP is set at $19.99 with an estimated Summer release date

Lastly, we have the HumidiMeter PRO. The HumidiMeter PRO is an upgraded version of the

groundbreaking HumidiMeter. Both versions are used to measure the moisture content inside

of your cigar, allowing you to ensure your cigars are never too dry or moist before you light up.

The new PRO version comes with multiple upgrades over the original model. The first change

you will notice is an anodized metal casing instead of the plastic casing of the original. Not only

is the new case metal, but it is also smaller than the original model which makes it even easier

to take with you on the go. The probes are also positioned closer together to make it easier to

read smaller ring gauge cigars such as lanceros. The probes are also now stored internally with

a slide-out function using a thumb notch on the side of the meter. CigarMedics has also

switched from a traditional battery to a rechargeable battery that you can charge via a USB

cable. The last update is in the technology inside the meter. The HumidiMeter PRO uses a

more responsive chipset that will read and display the moisture content in less than a second.

The new PRO model has an MSRP of $49.99 and is scheduled to ship to retailers beginning in

August and will be available at simultaneously.

For more information on these products please sign up for the mailing list at or

e-mail Tom Camilleri at

IG - @cigarmedics



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