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CAO Taps AI for Virtual Hot Rod Dream Machine Tool

CAO Flathead Dream Machine

Cruising behind CAO’s release of the mammoth Resonator cigar is the “Flathead Dream Machine,” an AI tool that puts the CAO smoker in the driver’s seat.

As the first brand to explore ever-evolving AI technology, CAO gives its fans the chance to take the wheel and build the virtual hot rod of their dreams. 

With some imagination and a few keystrokes, the AI tool whips up the user’s hot rod “dream machine,” creating images that can be admired in the gallery or shared among fellow cigar smokers. 

“CAO has always been the first one off the starting line, just like CAO Flathead has always been inspired by hot rods and car culture. We felt it was time to lead the pack once again with a fun and imaginative AI tool that connects CAO fans with their passion for cars and cigars. We look forward to seeing the hot rods that are built on the tool and to giving CAO fans the chance to share what drives them in the way of their dream car,” said Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager for CAO Cigars.

CAO Flathead Dream Machine is now live on



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