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ATL Re-branding Libertad


Today ATL announced the re-branding of the Libertad to the Fye. Below is the direct quote from their announcement.

We are re-branding the ATL Libertad as the ATL Fye, effective June 30, 2022. While the Jalapa Corojo-based blend produced by Aganorsa Leaf at TABSA will remain consistent, the re-brand of the line is intended to distinguish it from the ‘La Libertad’ mark of Villiger S.A., while getting closer to the heart of our city. “When an Atlantan thinks something is phenomenal,” explains Leroy Lamar, ATL Cigar Co-President, “we say it’s ‘Fye.’ And we think that represents this Aganorsa-produced cigar appropriately. In addition, two children of our company’s founding families suggested the name separately; we loved that we could make our kids a part of the company in this way.”

An Invitation to Our Summer Herf Series

Come and Hang Out with Us!

ATL Cigar Co is as much about connections and community as we are creating great premium cigars. Our community began on the corner of Gennessee Ave and Desoto Ave in southwest Atlanta, where we welcomed young professionals, ex-cons, trap queens, and church ladies to enjoy fellowship and a meal at a free hot dog stand.

Today, our community extends from Desoto Ave to Darwin, Australia, and everywhere in between. You represent every ethnicity, age, language, culture, and creed.

To strengthen our bond, we are hosting a Virtual Herf Series: you'll meet the owners in an intimate online setting, ask us those questions you've been wanting to ask, get insider insights, and learn about our new upcoming releases. We welcome you to grab an ATL stick, your favorite beverage and join us in a discussion of everything from cigar culture to politics to faith and, of course, ATL cigars.

Click the link to sign up and we will send you the private invitation link!


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