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Ash Quarterly Magazine Goes All Digital

Over the last year, we have seen more and more issues with the supply chain, most notably for us has been the paper shortage going on across the globe. This has caused us to ship out magazines much later than our anticipated dates. Between delayed fulfillment, increased pricing on printing, and shipping, we have made the tough decision to move towards an all-digital format. We will begin making the transition immediately with our Summer '22 Issue. For all those that have purchased an annual subscription, we will continue to print and ship those copies until the subscription ends.

This is not a cost-saving decision as we will be moving all the costs of printing and shipping into a new, comprehensive Brick & Mortar QR Code Program. This program will include varying options for lounges to share Ash Quarterly Magazine with their customers at no cost to the lounge or customer. Redistributing the money spent on printing and shipping will allow us to reach even more consumers and continue to grow. While this was a very tough decision to make, we are excited for the future and confident that it will only help provide an overall better experience for everyone. We are looking to roll out the new Brick & Mortar QR Code Program by the start of Q4.

Thank you,

Jason & Rebecca Faulkenburg



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