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Ash Quarterly Awards - Consumer of the Year

In addition to the 4 awards that were nominated and voted on by consumers, we have 3 additional awards. This award is very special to us as it is the only award like it in the cigar industry. This award was hand-picked by Rebecca Faulkenburg, Director of Marketing for Ash Quarterly. We wanted to honor one of our consumers that has not only been a huge supporter of us, but also a great ambassador for the cigar industry as a whole. Brian "Wolfie" Boyer is a phenomenal supporter of Ash Quarterly. He has shared our story with so many people, especially the Ash Hole Cigar Club. Speaking of the Ash Hole Cigar Club, Brian and the rest of the wonderful members of the club have done amazing things with charity organizations like the Southeastern Guide Dogs helping to raise money through events at local lounges. Brian is also very involved in helping to fight the legislative battles going on with the cigar industry sharing information on PCA initiatives. Thank you Brian for all you do for us and the entire industry. You are a true gentleman and we are honored to call you a friend.

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