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2024 PCA Releases by Gurkha Cigars including Collaboration with Mike Tyson - Undisputed

Gurkha Mike Tyson Undsiputed

Gurkha Cigar Group International announces its 2024 Releases at the PCA (Premium Cigar Association) Convention in Las Vegas, NV this month.  The PCA Convention is approaching faster than usual this year, 4 months faster!  Typically held in the summer months, the PCA has shifted gears and moved it’s annual trade show to March this year and April in 2025.  Back to Las Vegas, Nevada, Gurkha has stayed on top of their game and is announcing several new projects to release at this year’s trade show.

The first project in the lineup, as promised at last year’s convention, is the 35th Anniversary housed in a 10 count box.  In 2023, Gurkha announced the celebration of their 35th Anniversary in 2024 with a limited edition collector’s Ferrari red humidor housing 75 cigars inside.  Continuing the brand that was received so well, Gurkha is now releasing the 35th Anniversary in a 10 count box.  “After the huge success we had introducing the product in a humidor last year, we’re finally able to release the 10 count Gurkha 35th Anniversary in it’s 10 count format,” commented Juan Lopez, VP of Sales for Gurkha Cigars.  Made with El Artista Cigars, Gurkha’s 35th Anniversary can be found in three vitolas: Toro, Pirámide, and Figurado, with an MSRP of $10.95-$11.95 per cigar.   “The 35th Anniversary has a medium body, it’s complex and elegant, with a lot of earthiness and nuttiness and a long cool finish,” said Lopez.  “Just about everyone who’s tried it has found it to be a hit.”

The second release from Gurkha Cigars is also not a stranger, as its debut was made in 2023 as the TAA Exclusive.  “After releasing to the TAA Membership and the great feedback we got from them, we decided to release this mainstream,” mentioned Juan Lopez.  Also housed in 10 count boxes, the Colección Especial Nicaragua is a friend to the Colección Especial released in 2022. While the original has a hybrid Connecticut wrapper and is made out of the Dominican Republic, the Colección Especial Nicaragua is a Nicaraguan Puro made in Nicaragua.  The blend has a lot of earthiness and nuttiness with a beautiful sweet wrapper.  Released in two vitals: Toro and Pirámide, the Colección Especial Nicaragua boasts a $14.95 MSRP.  “This was the first time we released a Pirámide shape when we released to the TAA last year.  The Torpedo is hand made with a sharper point to create our first Pirámide in our portfolio and after the tremendous success with the TAA in 2023, we decided to keep it going,” said Lopez.

Gurkha’s third project for release is sure to pack a punch to the market.  The Tyson 2.0 Undisputed is a collaboration between Gurkha Cigars and LGNDS. There are two different blends being released from the Tyson 2.0 Undisputed line: Maduro, which is encased in a black top box, and Habano, which is encased in a gold metallic box.  Each box is completely unique and like nothing you’ve seen before.  The Tyson 2.0 Undisputed by Gurkha Cigars is made with El Artista Cigars and has an MSRP of $19.00-$19.90.  “Our collaboration with Mike Tyson and his teams at LGNDS and Carma HoldCo is a very unique one.  We believe we’ve chosen the perfect blends together to represent the Tyson 2.0 brand,” commented Jim Colucci, President of Gurkha Cigars.  “What’s even better is that we can expect to see Mike Tyson make an appearance at the trade show.”  The Tyson 2.0 Undisputed by Gurkha Cigars are medium body, full flavor blends.  The Habano has earthy notes with some pepper, toast, and spiciness; and the Maduro boasts the sweet San Andres wrapper while drawing in dark chocolate and peppery spices.  Sozon Lyras of Lgnds commented, “We are equally as excited about the collaboration with Gurkha Cigar Group.  We look forward to launching this amongst many other future projects together under the Tyson 2.0 brand.”

Finally, Gurkha’s proud to be able to showcase the Year of the Dragon in it’s entirety for the very first time.  The project’s announcement went out in January as an addition to the 15 Count Red Year of the Dragon pre-released in 2023 that began shipping to customer’s stateside in December.  Only available in the U.S. Market, Gurkha’s Year of the Dragon is set to showcase a numbered, collector’s edition, 200 count humidor and four special projects made with some modern day legends in the cigar industry.  Gurkha Cigar Group partnered with AJ Fernandez to create a 6 5/8x52 box pressed cigar in a 10 count commemorative green box set to ship following the PCA Trade Show.  The next collaboration will release in April and is a 10 count black commemorative box, 6 5/8x54 toro cigar by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo.  Oliva Cigar Company is making Gurkha’s next collaboration that is set to ship in June in a 10 count, 6 1/2x60 Figurado cigar, orange commemorative box.  The final installment of Gurkha’s Year of the Dragon will be made by Oscar Valladares in a 10 count, 6x52 toro cigar, yellow commemorative box.  “We are extremely excited about this project,” says Juan Lopez, VP of Sales for Gurkha Cigars.  “It truly feels like a one of a kind opportunity to release and work with these modern day legends of the industry.  My team and I are excited to share this with the cigar smoking community and can’t wait to show everyone the finished product.”

“We’re always excited to see our retailer partners at the annual PCA Convention,” says Bianca Lopez, Director of Marketing for Gurkha Cigar Group.  “Let’s see what the dynamics of an earlier show hold in store for sales and reception of our new products.  We can’t wait for cigar aficionados around the world to try our new blends.”  The PCA Convention is being held next week, March 23-25, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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