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2022 - Ash Quarterly Outlook

2021 has been a fantastic year for us at Ash Quarterly. We have continued to grow our lounge presence, built upon our Rating Club, created a Facebook group for the community, continued to donate cigars to the troops through our Rating Club partnership with Cigars For Warriors, and launched our first-ever Ash Quarterly Awards. And as amazing as 2021 has been for us, 2022 will bring even more content and interaction with consumers. Here are some sneak peeks of what is to come in 2022.

Ash Quarterly Wednesdays: We will be having special one-day sales and packages every Wednesday starting in 2022. We will be posting these deals exclusively in our Ash Quarterly Rating Club Facebook Group, so make sure you join the group so you don’t miss out on some amazing specials we have planned.

A Cigar With Series: Each month Rebecca will be hosting a special Live Zoom with different manufacturers and brand owners. These Live Zoom events will only be accessible to those who purchase limited curated samplers that we will launch prior to the Zoom Event. We are kicking off the A Cigar With series with Matt Booth in January, followed by a special event featuring the Top 3 Cigars of 2021 in February. Each package will be limited to 20-30 packs to allow each participant to engage with the guests. This is not an interview that you watch, it is an event that you get to participate in.

Have Your Voice Heard: Not only can you have your voice heard by joining our Rating Club, but we will also be launching a quarterly contest for consumers to have their own articles published in Ash Quarterly Magazine. Be on the lookout for more details on this soon!

Cigars For Warriors: We will be continuing our partnership with CFW in 2022 with a big announcement coming soon about the cigars we will be donating. We can’t wait to share this huge partnership with you soon.

Lounge Presence: Currently we are in just over 100 lounges across the United States. In 2022 we have plans to increase that number significantly. More on this coming soon.

Ash Quarterly Rating Club Zoom Events: Each month on or around the second Wednesday, we will have a live zoom event where we unbox that month’s Rating Club. This will be open to the public so you can join in and see what you’re missing and hear all about the club from current members.

The Blog: We will be adding more content to the blog including press releases from more manufacturers, guest articles, and more.

So Much More: While we have all this planned for 2022 already, we also plan to have some other pretty awesome announcements throughout the year and are always looking for feedback from you on what you would like to see from Ash Quarterly. Thank you to all of our supporters and readers, we do all this for you!


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