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Ash Quarterly Magazine began in 2018 with a simple mission, do everything differently.  Okay, that may sound simpler than it really is.  There were really a few things that we found fundamentally wrong with other magazines that we wanted to ensure we did not do.  No half-naked women that don't smoke cigars on the cover, no celebrities that don't smoke cigars on the cover, not a majority of ads over content, content that is about cigars and not 'lifestyle articles', etc.  We wanted to bring back the days where cigar magazines were about cigars.  We wanted to give a voice to consumers so we launched the Ash Quarterly Rating Club as a way to provide consumer-based ratings in the magazine.  We wanted to highlight the amazing women in this industry so we feature a Lady of the Leaf in each and every issue.  We wanted to educate consumers so we partnered with Boveda on great content about humidification and partnered with the Premium Cigar Association to provide content about the current state of legislation around the industry.  We wanted to create a cigar magazine for EVERY consumer and I believe we have accomplished that.  Please take a moment to read any of our past issues for free and subscribe to future issues below!

                        -Jason Faulkenburg


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