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Monthly Cigar Rating Club

We are changing the way you look at Cigar of the Month Clubs.  For $29.99 (shipping included), you get so much more than just cigars.  Each Monthly Cigar Rating Club comes with 5 cigars (4 for you and 1 for Cigars For Warriors).  You also get the ability to rate the cigars for our quarterly magazine that comes with your subscription in January, April, July, and October.  You're not signing up for just another COTM Club, you are signing up to be part of something.  Part of the future of cigar ratings and part of giving the gift of cigars to our troops in combat zones.  Click the picture for more.   


A new take on the cigar magazine.  Equal parts informative and entertaining.  Get an inside look at some of the industry's leading personalities in our 'A Cigar With' series.  Keep up to date with the legislative side of the industry in our On The Front Lines with Cigar Rights of America and the PCA.  Learn all about a Lady of the Leaf in our series of interviews featuring women in all aspects of the cigar industry.  With less ads and more content, this is the cigar magazine you want to read.  Always free to view online and in select lounges!

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Unique Partnerships

Aside from our Quarterly Magazine, we partner with brands to bring one-of-a-kind products to the consumer.  Our newest partnership is with Nova Cigars.  We have partnered with them to create a limited Ash Quarterly Magazine all about Nova that will come with 3 Premium Nova Cigars, a Nova branded cutter, Nova branded lighter, and a limited edition sticker limited to this package only.  All for only $49.99!  


We are the only cigar magazine that comes with cigars.  And unlike other COTM Clubs, we aren't sending you cigars that you've never heard of and can't find again.  We are sending you a mix of cigars that are accessible and special, like The American by JC Newman.  Limited but not unheard of like the LE 2020 by Cavalier Geneve.  Big factory yet boutique like Powastanie.  Not only do we send you 4 great cigars each month, we donate 1 to Cigars For Warriors to send to our troops in combat zones overseas.  Click the pic for more details!

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